Dr. Web

One of the leading developers of antivirus software
Online sales

Dr. Web needed an efficient way to sell products online, increase their recurring annual revenue and minimize churn rate. They also required a trusted partner to take care of purchasing and billing experience, manage the entire ordering process and ensure compliance with the law.

Noventiq Ecommerce offered a seamlessly integrated Shopping Cart for Doctor Web. Since 2017, Noventiq maintains Dr. Web's effective online sales and helps strengthen their marketing strategy.

A BI-based tool allowed Dr. Web to segment their online customer base better and improved the targeting and personalization approaches. Auto-renewal opt-outs were thoroughly studied, ways to tackle them identified, leading to a decrease in churn rate.
Noventiq took technical support for Doctor Web customers to a new level.

Dr. Web strove to improve their customer experience with the most efficient technical support service. They had a few requirements:

  • experienced and knowledgeable customer support specialists
  • 24/7 online voice and chat availability
  • 1 level technical support expertise.

Noventiq set up a 24/7 technical customer support professional team for Dr. Web. With outsourcing of technical customer support service to Noventiq, Dr. Web got support at the re-organization and reduced additional costs.

‘We are partners with Noventiq Ecommerce since 2005 and are happy with their support in our business targets’.

Lyudmila Gurtovaya
Marketing Director
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