What is a Merchant of Record (MoR)?

Each day, more and more people buy products and services online. The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing a switch from physical retail to online shops, and shopping habits of consumers are changing accordingly. Following this trend, more and more companies are taking their businesses online. However, this opportunity comes with responsibilities and companies selling products and services online need to be using a Merchant of Record (MoR) if they want to get paid from their customers and ensure they are following all global and local regulations.

In a nutshell, any online shop needs a Merchant of Record in order to start accepting credit or debit card payments for the products and services they sell on the internet. The MoR handles many administrative tasks required for online companies to effectively collect payments in a secure way.

Are you ready to move your business online or expand your existing online business globally?

The Merchant of Record is the entity that will process your consumers’ transactions on your behalf, being authorized and held liable by a financial institution to do so. You can basically be your own Merchant of Record or partner with a reseller to do the job. However, it can be a headache to be your own MoR if you don’t have the internal resources, or if you sell your products in different countries and in different currencies.

Here are some advantages of using Softline Ecommerce as your Merchant of Record:

  • Maintaining a merchant account and a payment gateway
  • Processing your consumers’ transactions on your behalf
  • Overseeing your payment compliance
  • Keeping financial liability for the products you sell
  • Creating a seamless checkout process
  • Adapting the journey to your local customers to maximize sales
  • Providing secure transactions with safe and local payment options for your customers
  • Handling declined payments, chargebacks and user refund requests
  • Minimizing the risk of fraud with our AI-based fraud detection technology
  • Managing and negotiating bank card processing fees
  • Dealing with sales and import taxes, billings, fees, and VAT for you
  • Making sure you comply with global and local customer data regulations, as well as local payment laws
  • Providing best-in-class customer support

To conclude, if you are selling products and services online, it can be a burden to handle payments on your own, especially if you sell your products internationally. Softline Ecommerce takes that burden away from you.

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